Spring Storm


Clumps of Snowdrops were the first flowers to be transplanted to the Cape Cottage property.  In this region of Nova Scotia these nodding white beauties signal the end of winter and often appear in late March.

Of course, snowfall at that time is still quite common and can smother the Snowdrops. But these bloomers are tough.

BBC Earth describes how their leaves have specially hardened tips to help them break through frozen soil. Their sap contains a form of antifreeze to prevent ice crystals forming. On very cold mornings, clumps will flop down as the water is ‘frozen’ inside the cells, but soon perk up again once temperatures rise and the sap can flow again.

The weather report for today called for 15-20 cm of snow. It’s discouraging for those who are impatient for Spring. Warmer weather is just around the corner though.

I know it because the Snowdrops told me so.