Periwinkle treats (for the curious)

Periwinkles can be found in abundance

Have you ever heard of periwinkles as something to eat? Truthfully, it’s a dish I’ve never tried, but then again,  oysters aren’t my favourite either. Fans of these tiny morsels say they  pack more flavour and texture than the more familiar clams, oysters and even abalone.

And, let’s remember, these snails are cousins to the elegant land snails – escargots.

Periwinkles, known scientifically as Littorina littorea, are very abundant along our coastline. These small intertidal snails have shells that range from tiny to about three-quarters of an inch wide. Pluck one off the rocks at the beach and the animal immediately retracts its body and closes itself within its shell.

If you’re interested in collecting some of these and trying them, here’s a handy article.

Watch this video too and you’ll be able to eat them like a pro.